Евроджекпот финляндия

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Eurojackpot History

The first Eurojackpot draw took place in March 2012 in Helsinki, Finland, with players from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Slovenia taking part.

Spain joined the Eurojackpot game in June 2012, followed by Croatia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden in February 2013.
In October 2014, Hungary and Czech Republic joined the game, with Slovakia joining Eurojackpot a year later in October 2015. The most recent country to join Eurojackpot is Poland, who joined in September 2017.

Up until the end of January 2013, if the jackpot had not been won for 12 consecutive draws and the 13th draw failed to produce a winner, the top prize would then roll down to be shared between players in the next winning prize tier.
After this date, the rule was changed in favour of a jackpot cap set at €90 million. In October 2014, the game’s odds and prize payouts changed to create higher jackpots.

The jackpot first hit its €90 million maximum on 8th May 2015, before a player from the Czech Republic won the full amount in the following draw.
The jackpot cap has since been reached on multiple occasions, and in 2018 it remained at this level for seven weeks before two German ticket holders won €45 million each.

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